Jessica Goldfarb grew up in a family passionate about world travel. She’s been to five of the seven continents and has lived in three of them for extended durations. When visiting countries she enjoys shopping, inspired by the beautifully handcrafted items she always finds.

Among Jessica’s favorite places to visit is Italy. She took her first trip there when she was sixteen and loved it so much she has returned twenty times in twelve years. While living for a year in Perugia, the chocolate capital of Italy, Jessica often visited her family’s home in Cortona, a respite filled with all manner of Italian décor. What she loved about the home was its authentic essence, complete with a Limonaia, a warm and sunny room where Lemon trees are stored during the winter season. Limonaia (Lee-mon-EYE-a) became a part of Jessica’s vernacular; she loved how the word sounded. A few years (and journeys) later, she decided to create her own Limonaia in the form of a cozy San Francisco boutique brimming with unique and luxurious gifts. In June 2010, Limonaia relocated from San Francisco to Los Angeles and continues to let Jessica share her passion for handcrafted goods and other beautiful items from around the world.

Limonaia lets Jessica share her passion for handcrafted goods and other beautiful items created around the world. Find home accessories, one-of-kind jewelry, kitchen and tableware, beautiful candles, vases, stationery, handbags, gifts for babies and toddlers, cashmere throws, fun soaps, and plenty more. It’s the place to visit when you’re looking for that perfect gift to give, or keep.